The Book Hive

As a publisher creator I work in the formats of book-art, zine, pamphlet, and audio-book. I produce as a one-woman-publishing house.

I explore the diversity of self-publishing practices as means of building communal narrative records. So far I have collaborated with over 150 alive creators from different disciplines and backgrounds.


I complement Editorial sin Frío with some of the titles in audiobook format offering a narrative possibility to audiences with visual weakness, illiteracy or lack of time to read.

I am working in a collection more focused in expanded literature merging my collage exploration with my editorial drives.

Kamikaze Objects

Take a look of my experment in publishing (c) acto. I publish only collective works, either compilations of Latin American contemporary literature, or multimedia interactions. This books are limited runs and unique editions.

Indie Press

I created Editorial sin Frío, a book shop focused on the importance of political press like manifestos, zines, pamphlets, leaflets on topics such as post Civilization, Anarchism, 20th century Avant-Garde.

Some collections are designed for skimming reading, and the mayority of titles are billingual, I adore to preserve the original language in the opposite page to the Spanish page.

Do we read to imagine? To decide? To know? We read for different purposes, but what is relevant for me is the possibility of building a narrative experience to recreate ourselves in a collective mental space of reference.