Indie Press

I created Editorial sin Frío, a book shop focused on the importance of prefigurative political press in outputs such as manifestos, zines, pamphlets, leaflets, audiobooks. Some numbers are designed for skimming reading, and the majority of titles are bilingual.

Bilingual compilation of manifests from 1913-2006 in their original language (Italian, Portuguese or English) and Spanish.192 pages, 14 cm x 22.5 cm

Interiors in 75 g 100% recycled extra white bond paper

Digital print. Hand-bound with exposed Coptic stitch seam.

Guide to living as if the world is going to end, but everything will be fine, by Margaret Killjoy

Even if I knew that the world would fall apart, tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree.

Maybe the world is ending, anyhow we have to go to work so instead of feeling panic and fear. This queer author teaches us how to act like we’re about to die but not immediately, instead, as if we had an opportunity to stop this; as if everything was going to be okay. Each title in this collection is published in English and Spanish.