Ancestral and Future Foods: in Conversation with Dupla Molcajete


If we analyze the circumstances under which the world population of the future will be concentrated in large cities and the food of the future is compromised for many, we will discover a multifactorial network, with climate change as a general connector. As we were talking about with Yasmine Ostendorf, founder of the Green Art Lab Alliance, climate change is based upon many other injustices such as racism, gender-based violence, extractivism, colonialism, speciesism, capitalism. This permeates the legitimation systems of mainstream culture, including gastronomy.

It would be helpful to stop romanticizing the idea of having particular foods, and only those, for congeniality and gathering. The junk food that we elevate to the pedestal of “comfort food” is making us and our environment ill. We don’t have to abandon our culinary traditions, but to expand them and let them connect us to people with different worldviews. We all need sustainable food. As in any revolution, we need to believe that every single action matters.  

Food and Spirituality

Introduction to the Beatriz Paz seminar on behalf of Dupla Molcajete, as part of the Food Cosmogonies course by The Gramounce, hosted by the Barns Art Center. New York, USA. January 2022

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