The Memory Cycles

Performance written in German, Spanish and English and performed by Janina Totzauer and Beatriz Paz. Who are we when we remember and who when we forget? What is memory? While Beatriz is live on a screen, Janina draws in acetates projected on the back wall. Both slip into the roles of star and moon for the “Hub Gallery” – the light and the memory of it. With the help of their voices, a daylight projector and the written word, the two work their way through the different layers of human memory.

On September 11, 2018, the * Galerie Ohne Namen * of the reception hall started a performance series and became a temporary hub at which the participating artists in four performances dealt with the topics of networking, exchange and collaboration. The performance was curated by Maria Justus and took place as part of this series, hosted and organized by Empfangshalle – Künstler Corbinian Böhm + Michael Gruber.

Du musst dich erinnern. Du musst dich an diese eine Sache erinnern. Auch wenn du alles um dich herum vergisst, musst du dich an diese eine Sache erinnern.

El reloj va a girar, te vaciará de recuerdos. Hay una sustancia en mí que te ayudará a recordar, tuyo será el silencio y mío el ser. Esto no es una simulación, te transformas en la memoria cada que recuerdas. Como la melodía atrapada en una cajita musical.

There is a substance inside of me that helps me remembering you. This is not a simulation… This is not a simulation.

Empfangshalle catalogue, 2019