My collage practice initiated a year of my life that I spent mostly in bed, immobilized. It assisted me in putting myself together, keeping things whole. Later it turned into a need to merge different, sometimes contradictory, visual texts and create a new meaning which accommodates my emotions, dreams, and desires.

Few ideas I grew about my own process of collage making, are:

~ Choosing under a principle of color reinforces any symbolic index

~ Storytell atmospheres instead of merly visual oppositions

~ Use images from different historical periods and plastic styles

~ Cut as in drawing, paste as in remembering

~ When emotionally drained, build abstract pieces

~ When mentally blocked, make and organize paper cutouts semantically

~ Try as many relations as possible with the images you are using, make them dance before pasting

~ A piece is never finished, so stop when getting visually stressed about it. Start anew

~ Sometimes the answer comes within weeks, or months, in daily life or in dreams. Be aware

~ Everything is collage, reallity is a combination of images, thoughts, feelings, we fit into. We co-create.

Exhibit A

1 & 2 Empfangshalle, Münich, auction 2018.

3 Galería La Barra, CDMX, 2017

4 Paste Up! International collage Festival, CDMX, 2021