Indie Press

Ediciones sin Frío publishes Sci-Fi or politics essays and manifestos in the format of bilingual zines, pamphlets/leaflets and audiobooks.

Un mundo manifiesto, compilación de manifiestos de 1913 a 2006 (A Manifested World. Compilation of Manifestos from 1913-2006)

Reading is observing? Reading is living? Do we read to imagine ?, to decide ?, to know? We read for different purposes, but in the case of literature what matters most is the possibility of building a narrative experience. And like native speech beings: we are able to recreate ourselves from listening. Our audiobook offers the narrative possibility to audiences with visual weakness, illiteracy or lack of time to read.

Guide to living as if the world is going to end, but everything will be fine, by Margaret Killjoy

“Even if I knew that the world would fall apart, tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree. “
Maybe the world is ending but still we have to go to work so instead of feeling panic and fear, this queer author teaches us how act like we’re about to die but not immediately, but as if we had a opportunity to stop this; as if everything was going to be okay. Each title in this collection is published in English and Spanish, and the collection is numbered in Romans, thus connecting each of the articles of principle in order.

Black Flag

General history of Mexican anarchism, anarchism press analysis and anarchist symbols elemental guide.

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