Kamikaze 神風 Objects

(c)acto is an experiment in publishing which explores the book-art and the book-object formats for conveying literary contents, mostly in the fields of experimental writing and short prose

FOLDED QUADRUPLETS. Four books that by folding and unfolding paper generate another reading experience that is not linear, but random. The Folded Quadruplets serve the publisher as a Trojan horse to smuggle literature through the worship of the object in everyday life. These books that look not like books have become objects with other functionalit than its original one.


Vol I. Microdosis de textos latinoamericanos (Latin American Texts Microdosis)

2011, 2012 y 2013.

Plastic case, stripes of paper, magnifying glass, gloves and tweezers.

One hundred Latin American prose stories, one per writer, which the reader folds and and it fits in one of a hundred slots that the plastic case has where the entire folded book will get stored.

8 numbers

Vol II. Pío


Short story in seven chapters translated into English and German in a paper rolled with ribbons. A double envelope with with print ink illustrations from seven possible versions of the main character, and a scope for the story in a mini CD. All containted by an origami pyramid  done at the moment someone wants to take the book home. The crafting publisher accommodates a chair next to her and while folding the paper, she tells a side story to the one in the rolled paper. 

The amount of books made corresponds to the number of readers who listend until the end, for fifteen minutes so they could have the half of the story just in ther memory. This was a performance book and a total of 6 were made during the 4th Edition. Independent Publishers Fair.



Three writers dispose ther texts both in their native language and in a translation made by themselves to Russian, French, German or English. This accordeon book explores the idea of how two different languages in the same writer create two different authors for the same text.

Vol IV. Beutel Frau/Bolsa de Dama (Lady Purse)


Sanitary pads paper bag stamped in offset, paper applications, and folded paper

Eleven professional women from different fields write short essay, prose and dramaturgy on the experience of being a woman in dissimilar situations.

20 numbers

Press Note in Deutsche Mexiko-Zeitung

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